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Introducing AIDE, an advanced AI-driven decision assistance platform, tailored to assist medical professionals. Acting as a virtual knowledge assistant, it provides answers by accessing an extensive repository of over 16 million indexed scientific articles spanning medical data, clinical advice, research papers, and case studies. AIDE offers evidence-based insights, empowering precise and informed medical judgments.

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How does AIDE work?

AIDE is powered by a knowledge base of 16+ Million vectorized dataset of Scientific Indexed Journal Articles, which is analyzed, comprehended & paraphrased with references using Generative AI, to provide accurate and medically verified answers.

AIDE: Your Trusted Medical Ally

Patient safety is our primary priority at AIDE. By ensuring that all material is drawn from reputable medical journals and papers, our knowledge-driven data strategy reduces the possibility of giving inaccurate or misleading advice. AIDE is meant to be a decision-support tool rather than a replacement for your professional judgement, giving you the ability to choose what is best for your patients.

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